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Roommate Wanted

Roommate Wanted is about two roommates, Kelly and Eric, who are searching for a new roommate to live in their share house. They conduct several interviews, meeting many strange house-hunters along the way.


An original web-series, this was filmed in a vertical format and created to be posted as a Reels series on Instagram. With vertical content exploding in popularity on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, we wanted to explore the different creative challenges of this style of filmmaking.

Vertical content on Instagram and TikTok is often designed to be highly consumable, fast to make and fast to watch. The entertainment value isn't compromised but there is often a lower production quality than what you would typically see in traditional styles of filmmaking.

We filmed this a a three-person cast/crew, and we were able to easily swap between acting and sound recording because the vertical format only fit one person on screen at a time.


Emily Whalen as Kelly, Hannah, Mimi

Timothy Ceiley as Justin, Carl, Tim, Toby

Jaedon Cooper as Eric

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