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Hannah - Sunset-26.jpg

Sunset Series 01

Part of my wish-list when updating my portfolio was to experiment with different lighting styles and techniques. One style at the top of my list, was to play with artificial lighting at sunset. 


For this series, we used the winter sunset as a backdrop, and a single Aputure P60C to light Hannah's face. I intentionally let the rest of the foreground fade into darkness because I wanted her face to be the focus, with the stunning sunset colours behind her. I absolutely love the way it turned out! They sky kept changing as the sun set lower, burning with the deepest golden orange hues. I kept the light on Hannah's face a blend of warm and cool tones so it felt a little more natural, fitting in with the warmth of the light behind her. 


I'm calling this series "Sunset Series 01" because I'll definitely be experimenting with this type of lighting again in the future!

Model: Hannah Gatt

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