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Hannah - Carpark-8.jpg

Carpark Series 01

This is my first shoot in my quest to revamp my portfolio. The goal was to play around with new
camera angles, compositions, and lighting. The colours in this series are a lot more contrasted
compared to anything I've shot before, and there's a much darker, edgier vibe. Most of my earlier
shoots have involved brighter colours and more even lighting, so for this shoot I wanted to do the
I styled Hannah in all black and allowed the darkness of her outfit to contrast with the perfect blue sky
we had on the day. The photos were taken using natural light, and I was shooting by myself on a windy
day, so I opted to not try using a reflector either. To keep harsh shadows away from the face, I kept
Hannah's face angled towards the sun, or used the sun as a beautiful backlight.

Model: Hannah Gatt
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