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One of these headshots is from my very first batch of headshots, shot back in late 2019 (can you tell which one?) I moved away from headshots for a while, building my portfolio for more creative and fashion-related work. I've recently rediscovered my passion for capturing actor headshots, however, and started taking headshot sessions again. I also now offer studio headshots in addition to natural light portraits shot outdoors.

As an actor myself, I wanted these headshots to be bright and attention grabbing, and to show the kinds of characters the actors in them can be cast as. Ideally, you should be able to see an actors headshot and immediately imagine them as a certain type of character - the rebel, the mean girl, the girl next door... the list goes on!

Actors: Jessica Marchi, Alexander Gold, Damien Sato, Angela Zhou, Alexander Alm

(click images below for full size)

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